From delays and disruptions to catastrophic incidents, risks in the transportation industry are ever-present.

Businesses operating within this industry encounter a diverse array of challenges that require effective management on a daily basis. For instance, an airline is dependent upon the provision of efficient and robust services from airport operators, logistics providers and other third parties. A disruption in the services provided by one contractor or supplier can have a significant impact upon the airline’s ability to deliver its service to customers.

4C Strategies work with both public and private sector organisations gives us a unique understanding and knowledge of the issues facing the transport industry. Our clients include local, national, and international transport businesses, ports, international travel operators, airlines, airports, train operators and governmental agencies.
Our solutions in this area include:

Enterprise and Project Risk Management:  We support the evaluation, control and monitoring of risks across all parts of an organisation. We can equip on-site and off-site teams with tools which enable them to gather and report real-time risk data in a timely and user-friendly manner. This data feeds into management dashboards, enabling executives to compare risk exposure across different parts of the business and/or their geographical locations.

Capability Development:  We provide capability development support, ranging from Incident and Crisis Management (ICM) training through to scenario exercising. Our tools provide a platform through which responses to virtual scenarios can be played out and tested. They also support real-time crisis management, enabling notification, information logging and crisis communication.

Audit and Compliance:  We provide tools which capture the outputs from multiple streams of assurance activity e.g. performance tracking of compliance and regulatory requirements and the identification of risk. An enterprise-wide view delivers enhanced management reporting and enables executive prioritisation of organisational time, effort and investment. 

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools. 

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