The finance sector is a vital part of a country’s critical infrastructure.

The economic crisis of 2008 highlighted the vulnerabilities faced by the financial industry and the impact that poor risk management can have on the wider economy. Following the crisis, a number of global initiatives were launched to reduce the risk of a future crisis and collapse, including the Basel and Solvency Framework. These initiatives regulate the manner in which financial organisations address risk and business continuity within their organisations.

The sector’s increased reliance on IT to deliver core services for payment processing, retail transactions and trading of equities and derivatives has added to the range of risks faced by the industry. The wider risks include: identifying IT interdependencies within/between organisations; reliance on outsourced data centres; continuity of key processes in the event of major disruption; information assurance requirements; and, frameworks for detecting and managing major incidents which threaten to impact upon customers, brand or shareholder value.

4C Strategies works with organisations across the finance sector from local savings banks and insurance companies to multinational retail and investment banking brands. We help organisations define, scope, test and measure the ability of their people, plans, and processes to meet key compliance and capability requirements.

Our solutions in this area include:

Continuity and IT Recovery: We support the implementation of business continuity management across all organisations. We believe that business continuity management is about building and verifying an organisation's capability to maintain critical business processes on a long-term and continued basis, regardless of the various types of disruptive events which may occur.

Training and Exercises: We provide the expertise and necessary toolkit for our clients to build, verify and track their Readiness capability to respond appropriately to disruptions, major incidents and crises. We use our training and exercise solutions to deliver exercises of varying types, scope and scale, from a checklist audit or a two-hour table-top exercise to a large scale multi-site market wide simulation.

Critical Infrastructure Protection: We deliver support to various CIP projects for the financial sector, including: mapping of financial processes, interdependency modelling and vulnerability assessments.

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools. 

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