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4C Strategies North America was established in 2016 as part of a new division of 4C Strategies. We primarily serve the US and Canadian militaries through our leading military training and management software, Exonaut®, and global US enterprises. With offices in Washington DC and a development hub in Orlando, Florida, we have increased our footprint in the region to meet the growing demand for our services. As a certified vendor to the federal sector, we are ideally placed to meet the evolving requirements for data-driven military training and organizational resilience software as well as expert advisory services.

Strong Military Foundation

Today, we are a proud software provider to the US Army, US Marines and Canadian Armed Forces. Our North American expansion has been built on a foundation of long-term partnerships with allied forces. Starting from our 20 year-long partnership with the Swedish Armed Forces to the British Army’s decade-long use of Exonaut for its integrated Collective Training and Exercise Management System, to NATO’s use of Exonaut for its Electronic Military Training and Exercise Program, among others. Exonaut has also received NATO Unclassified and Secret Accreditation.

US enterprises and international organizations

We serve many US enterprise clients include leading financial institutions, communications companies, pharmaceutical producers, critical infrastructure providers and manufacturers, with operations across the country and the world. We also support diverse international organizations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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Non-military expansion

Among the non-military clients that we support in the US are leading global financial institutions headquartered in the US, multiple manufacturers with plants around the region, pharmaceutical producers and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Major projects

We are currently working closely with the US Army and the US Marine Corps as suppliers to Cole Engineering Service Inc (CESI) and BAE Systems respectively.

Exonaut software will form the backbone of the US Army’s training management as part of a larger, fully integrated Training Simulation Software / Training Management Tool (TSS/TMT) within the integrated Common Synthetic Environment (CSE). The cloud-enabled solution will be made available for scaled roll-out across the US Army by 2023.

For the US Marine Corps, Exonaut will form part of a larger end-to-end prototype Wargaming solution, planned for phase two delivery by September 2022. The final delivery for a secure planning, preparation, execution and assessment exercise and training tool will be delivered in phase three.

Our Exonaut software has recently been deployed at a leading communications company to support effective and coordinated local and nationwide responses to incidents and crises.

About 4C Strategies

4C Strategies is the leading provider of training readiness and organizational resilience solutions. With over 20 years of expertise, we support high-profile international institutions, global enterprises and armed forces across 100 countries. We help you to train effectively and be ready for the resilience challenges ahead.

Our innovative Exonaut platform empowers capability development, building on key insights for when it matters the most. Our experts work alongside you to prepare your operations for the future, allowing you to transform training, rethink risk, manage crises, and uphold continuity. With offices around the world, we are never far away.

Be Ready. Be Resilient. Be 4C.

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